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Terms & Conditions Carefully as by using this site and

The house of hire service, you are bound by these Terms & Conditions (T&Cs).


1.1 These Terms of Use & Service apply to the www.thehouseofhire.co.uk website, the Service and Hire of products.

1.2 By using the Service or visiting the Site www.thehouseofhire.co.uk, you accept these Terms of Use and any modifications that may be made to the Terms of Use; if you do not agree with these Terms of Use you should not use the Service or website.

1.3 These Terms & conditions constitute a binding legal agreement between yourself and THE HOUSE OF HIRE.

1.4 We reserve the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time and in any manner at our discretion. Any modifications will be posted within the Terms & Conditions and are effective immediately.

1.5 Your continued use of the Site states that you agree with any modified Terms & Conditions of THE HOUSE OF HIRE.


2.1 www.thehouseofhire.co.uk allows customers to hire products for a term specified at time of purchase or booking in accordance with these Terms of Use.

2.2 Once a booking has been made The House of Hire will have the item shipped to the Customer’s address.

2.3 Bookings for hire products can be made directly through www.thehouseofhire.co.uk but are not confirmed until you have received a confirmation email from The
House of Hire stating confirmation and receipt of payment.

2.4 Items are subject to availability and we reserve the right to cancel your reservation at any time prior to the specified delivery date if an item is no longer available for use or is damaged by a previous customer.

2.5 In the case of a cancellation of your booking by The House of Hire the full hire price including postage will be refunded within 7 days, or alternatively, another item can be offered at the sole discretion of The House of Hire for an equal or greater value of the hired item.


3.1 Your reservation is only fully confirmed once payment has been received and confirmation email has been received from The House of Hire team.

3.2 Payment through the shopping cart on www.thehouseofhire.co.uk requires complete and correct Credit Card details including your full name, email address and correct Billing Address.

3.3 Any additional fees incurred through Credit Card or PayPal transactions are at the expense of the Customer.

3.4 When you hire an item you will be required to sign & accept these T&Cs and provide a personal guarantee of full liability as per the term of hire of the garment whilst under your possession.

3.5 We can/may modify the price, content, or nature of the Service of www.thehouseofhire.co.uk at any time. Any changes will be published to the site and effective immediately.


4.1 A confirmed reservation may be cancelled up to 28 days before your date of hire for a credit note of the full value of your dress hire minus a £25.00 cancellation admin fee. The credit note will be valid for 6 months.

4.2 The House of Hire will not offer a refund once an order has been posted or sent to you, unless your item is not delivered by the carrier.

4.3 You may return a product hired from The House of Hire in the case that your chosen garment does not fit in exchange for a replacement product where time permits. If unsure of the style or fit, please email us for advice.

4.4 Returns must be Express posted back to The House of Hire using the Express pre paid envelope provided.

4.5 Items must be posted at your local post office before 12pm on the chosen dress return date. To ensure you are not charged for late return fees. Please obtain a proof of return receipt at the time of sending your parcel. This is the only way to prove that the item has been posted and before the correct cut off time.

4.6 The House of Hire reserves the right to cancel a booking at any time should an item become unavailable through damage from a previous customer, not returned from previous hire, or be in a condition deemed by The House of Hire as unsatisfactory for hire.In this case you will be issued with a full refund.


5.1 Please inspect the item you have hired immediately upon receipt to ensure it is not damaged at all (Check for stains/ pulls/ teared seams). Once inspected and you are happy you may remove the security ribbon attached to the dress.

5.2 If no damage is reported on the day of receipt of your dress you will be responsible for all damage noted upon return to The House of Hire after your hire.

5.3 When hiring from The House of Hire you are expected to care for our hire items as if they were your own item.

5.4 Please avoid direct contact with:

  • Make-up
  • Fake tan
  • Sharp objects and Jewellery

(a) Damage:

5.5 In the instance where an item is damaged, repair costs you will be notified by The House of Hire and repair costs will be taken from the card used to make payment at the time of booking.

5.6 In the instance the item or dress is damaged an invoices of repair will be sent to the email provided at the time of booking.

(b) Spills & Stains:

5.7 If the item is stained and requires specialist or additional cleaning this charge will also be liable to the customer and will be invoiced to you and taken from the card given at the time of booking.

(c) Damage Beyond Repair:

5.8 If any item is damaged beyond repair, you accept full liability and acceptance to be charged the full Recommended Retail Price (RRP) as stated on the site www.thehouseofhire.co.uk. If an item is sold out and therefore not able to be replaced or fulfilled for customers who have booked this item you may be charged up to 150% of the Recommended Retail Price.

(d) Generally

5.9 The House of Hire reserves the right to make full & binding decisions on the final condition of any item, its ability to re-hire, and requirement for replacement

5.10 The customer acknowledges any payment liable will be unreserved or with held from The House of Hire regardless of the customers entitlement or receipt to any third party insurance or payments they may be entitled to.

5.11 If an item is damaged or not returned you will be sent an invoice for the full Recommended Retail Price of the Garment as stated on our site at time of booking. As stated above, if an item is sold out and not able to be replaced you may be charged up to 150% of the Recommended Retail Price.

5.12 Any invoice for damage must be paid within 14 days of the invoice date before the matter will be referred to a debt collector and outside credit agencies.

5.13 At time of hiring if you become aware of any damage to the item you have hired please contact the customer team on thehouseofhire@outlook.com immediately to try and resolve the situation as soon as possible.

5.14 Do not try to remove a stain or repair damage yourself as this will often cause further damage and you will then be liable for the full RRP of the garment.


6.1 At time of booking, please state in the notes section the date you will be wearing the item.

6.2 The selected item will be delivered to the customers address no later than close of play the day prior to the event date specified by the customer in the notes section of the booking. Once your tracking number shows as delivered by Royal Mail this is confirmation that your order has been delivered to your specified address.
Failure to collect or accept a delivered parcel will not be considered as non-delivery or a delayed order.

6.3 Items are available to be delivered earlier subject to availability. If you require your item to be delivered earlier please us at email ThehouseofHire@outlook.com

6.4 A return pre paid addressed envelope will be included with your delivery.

6.5 Please place the item in the provided pre paid envelope and post at you local post office the next business day after your event or the date specified on the customer information pack that arrives with your garment.

6.6 If no proof of send receipt is not obtained from the post office as proof of postage then you assume all responsibility for the return of your hired item.

6.7 If you do not return your hired item on the date of return or date specified on the customer information pack following the event date late charges will apply. A proof of send receipt must be obtained as proof to ensure you cannot be charged late fees if it is the fault of the Royal Mail postage system.

6.8 Late Charge Fees:

The following late fees apply due to fault of customer:

1-7 days £10.00 per day until the dress is returned to us in the worn and in an undamaged state.

Beyond 7 Days- we will assume that the item has been lost and will take payment of 150% of the retail value of the item detailed on www.thehouseofhire.co.uk.

6.9 The customer will not be made liable for any late payment fees through error of the Royal Mail postage system providing a proof of send recipe is obtained.


7.1 All Dry Cleaning is completed by The House of Hire upon return of the item.

8.2 Do not dry clean any hire items yourself, if you do have an item dry cleaned you are liable for any damage caused through Dry Cleaning and also late return charges.